Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adrian's Book is Put On Hold

Victor is happy when he listens to Adam's message, telling him he would like to move into the Newman ranch.

Brad reminds his bookie that he will give him $25,000 if he can get David to bet on a sure loser. Brad is frustrated that his bookie has not been able to get David to do so thus far.

Amber and Daniel enjoy their morning together and take advantage of the extra time they have before they have to go into work.

Adrian asks Colleen to go on his book tour with him, and she agrees to go. She is still worried about the ramifications of the book being published, however.

Michael receives a phone call from Adrian's publishing house. Michael is able to get Adrian's book being published on hold. Brad is impressed.

At the coffeehouse, Michael informs Kevin that Adrian's book has been put on-hold. Kevin is relieved and tells Michael the best part about it is that Jana will never have to know. Unfortunately, Jana is behind him when he says this and wants to know what is going on. Kevin tries to lie, but fails. He ends up telling her the truth, which shocks and worries Jana. Michael tells her he will do everything possible to stop the book from being published.

Adrian learns that his book has been put on hold and that his book tour has been cancelled. He blames Colleen for Brad's actions.

Victor tells Sabrina he has invited Adam to live at the ranch and that he accepted his offer. Sabrina does not like the idea, but agrees to let him come live there. Victor is thrilled and calls Adam to tell him to move in right away.

Colleen goes to tell Brad Adrian knows what he has done. Brad tells her that he had to move quickly in order to protect their family, and Colleen says she understands. She tells her father that she thinks she might lose Adrian and that her heart is breaking. Brad tells her that if she and Adrian are meant to be, they will make it through this difficult time.

At the club, Victoria watches David and Nikki interact. Nikki tells her that once she and David get married, there is no hope for her and Victor to get back together. Victoria says that it is going to take some time getting used to Victor and Sabrina's relationship.

Sabrina is cold to Adam as he moves into the ranch.

Later, Sabrina finds Victoria and they exchange a few civil words. Adam also finds Victoria and asks her if she wants to team up against Sabrina. Victoria is shocked when she finds out that Adam has moved into the Newman ranch.

Brad reminds David he needs to start paying back the money he owes him as today is payday.

At the coffeehouse, Amber and Daniel announce to Kevin and Jana that they move in together. The four of them plan a double date.

Colleen informs Adrian that she is going to Shanghai for the work study program, so that they can have some time apart.

Victor has a diamond ring delivered to the art gallery and asks Sabrina to marry him.

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