Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daniel Says Good-Bye

Sharon and Jack discuss the second issue of Restless Style. Jack tells Sharon he is working on something special for the magazine.

Phyllis talks with Nick at their home. Nick tells Phyllis that he remembered everything about Cassie's death at the hospital. Phyllis feels helpless. Nick also tells her that he can remember falling in love with her as well. Phyllis reassures him that he was a good father to Cassie and is a good father to Summer and Noah.

Cane comes into Jabot and tells Jill he knows it is the anniversary of Phillip's death. Cane asks his mom to tell him about his father. Jill begins to tell Cane that Phillip was a wonderful man, but soon allows her anger at Katherine to get in the way of her good memories.

Jana worries about Kevin's ability to run the coffeehouse without her, but Kevin tries to reassure her that he was able to run the coffeehouse before he met her.

Amber tries to keep a smile on her face as she prepares to say good-bye to Daniel before he leaves on tour. She, Daniel, and Danny go over the tour itinerary, and Amber remarks that this is a great opportunity for Daniel.

Gloria comes to the coffeehouse and Kevin remarks that she looks horrible. Jana realizes that Gloria misses Jeff dearly.

At Restless Style, Nick asks to speak to Sharon alone. When they are alone, Nick tells Sharon how sorry he is for the previous night, but that he is also glad that he can remember his daughter, Cassie. Sharon tells him not to worry about last night. Meanwhile, Jack and Phyllis decide that they do not want to relive the past, but rather to be focused on the present.

Jana tells Amber that the universe is testing her, she tells her this is a test to see whether she and Daniel were meant to be together. Jana goes back to Gloria and Kevin and suggests that Kevin call Gloria if he needs any help at the coffeehouse while she is at her new job. Kevin is not pleased with the idea, and tells Gloria not to come help him, even if there is a huge line at the coffeehouse.

At Jabot, Cane asks Katherine to tell him about Phillip. Katherine tells Cane how wonderful Phillip was, but soon lets her anger and resentment for Jill cloud her memories as well.

Daniel, Danny, and Amber arrive at Restless Style so Daniel can say good-bye to everyone there. Nick pulls Daniel aside and apologizes for the way he treated him after Cassie's death. Daniel tells him it is okay. Daniel makes Nick promise him that he will take care of Phyllis while he is gone.

Gloria leaves the coffeehouse to have her diamonds appraised. Meanwhile, Jana gets luck from Kevin for her first day of work. Jana reminds Kevin to call her or Gloria if he becomes overwhelmed at the coffeehouse before she heads out to the Newman Ranch.

At Restless Style, Phyllis asks Danny to look after Daniel while he is on tour with him. Daniel and Amber share emotions. Amber tries to maintain a happy face for Daniel, but Daniel can see past it. They agree to trust one another and embrace warmly.

Katherine begins to tell Cane another story about Phillip, but Jill interrupts her with a mean comment. The two of them get into a huge argument. Cane gets fed up with their arguing and tells them that he's had enough of it. Cane storms out of the office, followed by Jill.

Kevin calls Gloria and begs her for her help. Gloria agrees to come help Kevin after she has her diamonds appraised. Kevin runs into a lot of trouble at the coffeehouse.

Gloria has her diamonds appraised only to find out that they are fake!

Phyllis and Amber say good-bye to Daniel. They are both extremely sad to see him leave. Daniel gets into the elevator with his father and they head out on tour.

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