Monday, May 12, 2008

Sabrina and Victor Engaged!

Victoria, Brad, and Nikki have a meeting at Jabot. Victoria gets upset when Nikki doesn't allow her to work on a project she wants to, but Nikki tells her daughter she has something else in mind for her.

David finds out that he loses a bet. Later, Brad is thrilled to find out that his plan worked.

Sabrina tells Victor she wants to marry him, and that she wants to tell Victoria the news herself. Victor tells her he thinks they should tell the children together, so he invites Adam, Nick, and Victoria to the Ranch for his news.

Colleen tells Adrian she is headed to China later that night, and Adrian accuses her of needing a place to hide out after she destroyed his life. Later on, Adrian learns that his book is dead.

At Restless Style, Nick is swamped when he gets Victor's call. Sharon, Phyllis, and Jack struggle to make some decisions about the magazine while Nick is out of the office.

At the coffeehouse, Colleen fills Kevin in on Adrian's book, and he is excited it is dead. He tries to cheer her up by giving her her favorite drink, but only reminds her of the day she met Adrian because he ordered the same drink. Later, Colleen tells her father she is going to China and he is sad to see her go. He offers to drive her to the airport.

Nikki shows Lily the cover of Restless Style, and Lily is thrilled. She asks if she can show her father, and Nikki says of course she can, that Niel will be very proud of her.

At Restless Style, Jamie tells Jack, Sharon, and Phyllis how awful their magazine is. She tells them one change they need to make is to scrap Lily, but Phyllis does not agree. Jack and Sharon agree with Jamie, that they need a celebrity on the cover of their magazine, so Jack starts making some phone calls to see what he can do.

Nick and Victoria arrive at the Newman Ranch to find Adam already there. All of them are wondering what Victor wants to tell them. Sabrina asks to talk to Victoria alone, but at that moment, Victor comes in and he announces his and Sabrina's engagement. Victoria, Nick, and Adam are shocked. They all congratulate the couple, but none of them seem to really be sincere about it.

Outside, Nick tells Victoria good luck telling Nikki about the news. Victoria and Nick both agree that Victor and Sabrina getting married is crazy.

Brad asks David to deposit his payment installment into Colleen's bank account, but David tells him he has fallen behind on some bills, and that he will have the payment for him next week.

Colleen and Lily find one another in the coffeehouse and Colleen tells her friend she is going to China. Lily is sad to see her go.

Adrian learns that no one else wants to publish his book. Later, when Colleen returns, he tells her the bad news. He also learns that his agent is dropping him. He blames Colleen and Brad for this, and Colleen is very hurt by the way he is acting toward her.

Jack decides to stop the printing of the covers for Restless Style magazine because he has the possibility of getting a celebrity to be on the cover. When Nick returns to the office and finds out what Jack has done, he is not pleased. Nick tells Phyllis he is not willing to be in business with another man like his father.

Adam confronts Sabrina about her quick engagement to Victor. Sabrina accuses Adam of being a jerk.

When Victoria tells Nikki about Victor's engagement, she seems okay with it. Later, she tells David she wants to get married much sooner than August 17th, which makes David incredibly happy.

Victor comes home to find Sabrina cooking a dinner for them to celebrate. Unfortunately, Victor has to go to a meeting, but tells Sabrina he would like to celebrate with her later.

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