Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jamie Whitfield Consults on Restless Style

Everyone is working busily when Victoria arrives at Restless Style. She informs Nick that Nikki and David have set a wedding date. Jack makes a huge decision to hire a consultant without getting the others' opinions because he is so sick of the fighting between Sharon and Phyllis.

Nikki spots Victor and Sabrina at the club and she asks to talk to Victor alone. She asks Victor why both Victoria and Nick have walked out of Newman, and Victor tries to tell Nikki that it was their decision; he didn't drive them away. The two end up becoming frustrated with one another.

Colleen goes to the coffeehouse to give Kevin an update about her talk with Adrian. Kevin tells her she better call Brad to warn him that Adrian is coming. Colleen tries to call her father, but gets no response. Meanwhile, Adrian finds Brad in his office at Jabot and asks for his book back. Brad asks if he can read it before he makes any judgments about it, but Adrian insists he wait until the book is published before he reads it.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin begs Michael to help him stop Adrian's book from being published in order to protect Jana. Michael tells Kevin he doesn't think there is anything he can do, given the first amendment - the right to free speech. He tells Kevin he will look into the case law, but says he can make no promises.

Brad calls Michael about Adrian's book a few minutes later.

Jack tells everyone he has hired Jamie Whifield to consult on Restless Style. Amber tries to make herself known to Jamie by asking her if she needs anything.

Nikki spots Adam at the club and decides to go over and give him a piece of her mind. Adam is hurt by Nikki's harsh comments. He tells Nikki he will miss Victoria at Newman and that she was a great asset to the company, but Nikki does not believe his sincere comments. Adam remembers David has a gambling problem and makes a comment about being honest about everything in front of Nikki.

Michael meets Brad at Jabot to talk about Adrian's book. Michael becomes Brad's lawyer, so that he is protected under client-lawyer confidentiality. Brad gives Michael a photocopy of Adrian's book for him to read. Michael tells Brad he will read it and get back to him. Brad says he will do anything to stop Adrian's book from being published.

Amber goes to the coffeehouse after leaving Restless Style. She tells Jana she asked Daniel to move in with her, and that she is worried because Daniel hasn't given her an answer yet.

Jamie makes many critical remarks about Restless Style. She tells everyone they should have hired her much earlier. Phyllis, Sharon, and Nick are afraid there isn't enough time to make the changes Jamie is suggesting, but Jack thinks they need to make the changes or they may not get to have a second issue of the magazine. Later, Nick tells Jack they should trust their instincts.

Victor presents Sabrina with a present. She opens it to find a Barbie doll she has always wanted. They each express their love for one another and talk about how much it has cost them.

Nikki asks for the script for the Jabot tie-in, but David presents her with some brochures of beautiful places where they can have their honeymoon. They lay in bed looking at the brochures together, discussing their honeymoon.

Jana is thrilled that everything is coming together for her. She hugs Kevin enthusiastically. Kevin is very worried about what the book will do to her if it is published.

Daniel asks Phyllis for a spare key to her pent house. Phyllis doesn't think Daniel moving in with Amber is a good idea, but hands over her spare key anyway.

When Amber gets home, she is thrilled to learn Daniel has moved in with her.

Adrian tells Colleen that his confrontation with Brad went well and that he gave him back his book when he asked for it. Adrian apologizes for blowing up at her, but Colleen is still worried about the ramifications the book will have if it is published.

Victor confirms a surprise for Sabrina.

Adam calls Victor and tells him he accepts Victor's invitation to live at the Newman Ranch.

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