Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sam Casswell Shoots Cover for Restless Style

Victor calls Sabrina and tells her he can't make dinner because his meeting is running late. Adam tells Sabrina to get used to this because work comes first with Victor. Sabrina tells Adam Victor is nothing like him.

David gives Nikki an engagement ring and tells her it is a family heirloom. He suggests they get married later that night, but Nikki reminds him today is the anniversary of Nick's plane crash. Later, David receives a phone call and he apologizes for going over his credit card limit by buying Nikki's engagement ring. He tells the company he will be on time with his payment.

Sharon and Phyllis reminisce on Nick's plane crash. Jack brings in Sam Cresswell to be the new cover model for Restless Style's first issue. Kathy Hilton is with her. Phyllis tells Jack she isn't happy that he didn't consult them before making this decision. Later on, Phyllis gets even more angry that Jack allows Jamie and Kathy to take over the entire photo shoot.

Amer, Daniel, Jana, and Kevin play Pictionary for their double date. Amber and Daniel win.

Cane and Chloe arrive at Jabot to celebrate with Lily on her cover of Restless Style. Cane can see that something is wrong with Lily, but when he asks her, she tells him everything is fine. While they are celebrating, Chloe gets a phone call, alerting her that her apartment flooded. Lily invites her to move in with her and Devon, which Devon is not happy about.

Niel and Karen meet at the coffeehouse. Karen tells Niel she does not think he is over Dru, and she is not Dru, and never will be. She also tells him, she was offered a job in New York. She tells Niel to do some soul searching and if he can tell her that he really wants her to stay, she will.

Katherine welcomes Victoria back to Jabot, and they talk about Victor's relationship with Sabrina and why Victoria left her last job.

Later, Victoria goes to the Newman Ranch to talk to Victor, but when she learns he is not there, she tells Sabrina and Adam what she thinks of each of them.

After the photo shoot, Sam Casswell wants to keep a $4,000 dress. When she asks to have it, Phyllis stalls, but Jamie tells Sam to go ahead and take it, they will bill her for the dress. Phyllis is very angry that Jamie made this decision and that Jack did not stop it. Phyllis doesn't believe they will ever see the money for that dress.

Nikki and David decide to go to Mexico to get married. They board the plane and get stuck on either side of a cranky woman with a cranky cat.

Adam and Sabrina talk about what Victoria had to say about each of them. Adam asks her for a new start before Victor returns home.

While Chloe and Devon are away from the table, Cane gets Lily to tell him what is wrong with him. She tells Cane that she still feels guilty for the miscarriage. She tells Cane she read a pregnancy article that said drinking coffee increases the chance you will have a miscarriage. Cane reassures Lily that losing the baby was not her fault.

Later, Sharon tells Lily that Restless Style won't be using her cover, and will be using another model. Everyone at the table is shocked by the news.

At the coffeehouse, Jana tells Kevin she is worried that her new job is affecting their connection, and Kevin finds this amusing.

Niel tells Karen she is right - he is not ready to be in a relationship right now and that Karen should go to New York.

Jamie encourages Jack to become the boss at Restless Style, and he agrees this is a good decision.

After Nikki and David are stuck on the plane on the runway for hours, they decide to get off. However, just as they stand up to leave, their plane gets cleared for take off.

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